Fredrik Häggström takes office on December 3, replacing Urban Aspelin, who leaves his position as CEO in connection with Fredrik’s appointment.

”I am proud and pleased to announce Fredrik Häggström as our new CEO,” says Håkan Karlsson, owner and chairman of the board. “He is a competent leader and has in his position as Business Area Manager Road and Rail Nordic at Eltel Networks shown that he has a deep understanding of how to create trust and relationships in a complex and complicated market. I am convinced that he will further develop Elektrosignal Infra and lead the company to new successes. An important task is to spread the brand and knowledge of Elektrosignal Infra’s experienced and competent staff.”

Fredrik Häggström has been Business Area Manager Road and Rail Nordic on Eltel Networks from 2010 to 2018. Häggström has also been CEO of Dateli Installation from 2007 to 2010 and has previously held various senior positions at Alcatel/Lucent, today Nokia, as well as Thales from 1996-2006 .

”I am honored to take over as CEO and look forward to lead and develop a company with so much experience from electricity, signal and telecommunications within the rail environment,” says Fredrik Häggström. “I look forward to working with Elektrosignal Infras employees, board and customers to take the next step in the company’s development and create innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Electrosignals services within power installations, general power and lighting installations, signal and telecommunications installations in the rail sector, or BEST assignments are constantly advancing in technology.

”Elektrosignal Infra has a unique position in Stockholm,” continues Häggström. “Since the founding of the company in 2015, it has diversified into the new consultancy service with solid experience from the facilities of Trafikförvaltningen. We are at the forefront of extending and improving the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the life cycle cost (LCC) for our customers. Relying on experience while at the same time exploiting the opportunities offered by new technologies, we can increase the service life and reliability of our customers’ facilities. This contributes to a lesser environmental impact and a better economy for our customers.”

Häggström’s commitment as CEO is long term and he has therefore chosen to become a partner in Elektrosignal Infra. Urban Aspelin, who leaves his position as CEO, as Fredrik takes office, remains owner of the company and will engage in business development and project support.

Thanks to participated and well-informed employees, we achieve our set goals. We build our sustainable cooperation with our customers on confidence in order to meet expectations and strive to minimize the environmental impact we achieve for a long-term sustainable way of working.